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OIS 5MP MIPI CSI2 Camera Module

In the realm of imaging technology, where precision holds sway, emerges the OIS 5MP MIPI CSI2 camera module featuring the OV4689 sensor from Sony. Straying away from exaggerated claims, this module's essence is rooted in technical finesse, offering a window into the world of optical image stabilization (OIS) coupled with the versatile OV4689 sensor.

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Performance Parameter of OIS 5MP MIPI CSI2 Camera Module




Image Sensor


Image Sensor Size


Effective Pixels


Pixel size

2.0μm x 2.0μm

Optical distortion


Image sensor Data output

10bit Raw Bayer

Maximum Frame Rates and Resolution

2592x1944 @ 60 fps, 10bit

SNR max


Dynamic range

64.6 dB

Min. Illumination

≥0.001LUX at F.No2.4



MIPI CSI2 2 Lane or 4Lane

Power requirements

IOVDD: 1.7 ~ 3.0 V

AVDD: 2.6 ~ 3.0 V

DVDD: 1.1 ~ 1.3V

Storage temperature

-40℃ to 85℃

operating temperature

-30℃ to 70℃

Power Consumption

Max 300mW

LED IR-850

NO, but could be customized




Lens size

M12 diameter;21mm TTL

Lens Construction








Shooting distance

Fixed Focus,OIS; 10cm-infinity

Features of OIS 5MP MIPI CSI2 Camera Module

Features of OIS 5MP MIPI CSI2 Camera Module

  • Stabilizing Brilliance: Embracing Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)

    At the heart of this camera module lies the cornerstone of stability - Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). This technology serves as a steadfast guardian against shakiness, ensuring that each image and video remains crystal clear. OIS empowers users to capture the essence of their surroundings with unwavering precision, transforming moments into lasting memories.

  • OV4689 Sensor: A Symphony of Clarity and Versatility

    Central to the module's prowess is the OV4689 sensor, a 5-megapixel marvel hailed for its adaptability. The sensor's inherent qualities perfectly complement the OIS technology, creating a symphony of clarity and stability. Each pixel stands as a testament to visual excellence, vividly capturing the world with breathtaking detail.

  • Expansive Perspective: 145-Degree FOV and 6G Lens

    The module extends its capabilities with an expansive field of view (FOV) of 145 degrees, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed. Coupled with a high-quality 6G lens, the result is a visual panorama that envelops the viewer, inviting them to immerse themselves in the captured scene.

  • Defying Extremes: Operating Temperature Range

    Technical excellence finds expression in the module's operational resilience. With an operating temperature range spanning from -30°C to 70°C, this module thrives in various environments, capturing moments without hesitation, regardless of the conditions.

  • Sensing the Unseen: Exceptional Low-Light Performance

    The module's prowess extends to capturing the unseen, as it boasts an exceptional low-light sensitivity of 0.001Lux. This attribute ensures that even the faintest glimmers of light are transformed into vivid imagery, unveiling the beauty concealed within the shadows.

  • Resolute Resolution: 2560x1520 Visual Splendor

    Visual excellence is non-negotiable, and the module delivers with a stunning resolution of 2560x1520. Every pixel becomes a canvas for detail, enabling users to relive moments with unrivaled clarity and vibrancy.

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