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8MP MIPI CSI2 Camera Module

The auto focus 8MP CSI-2 camera module is a testament to the convergence of precision and practicality. Through a meticulous approach to image sensor technology, interface control, and customization, this module redefines imaging possibilities. It's not just a tool; it's a catalyst for immersive experiences, resonating with a focus on substance and technical mastery over flashy overtures.

camera module 8mp
mipi camera module board
camera module 8mp
mipi camera module

Performance Parameter of 8MP MIPI CSI2 Camera Module




Image Sensor


Image Sensor Size


Effective Pixels


Pixel size

1.12μm x 1.12μm

Optical distortion


Image sensor Data output

10bit RGB Raw Bayer

Maximum Frame Rates and Resolution

3264x2448: 30 fps

3264x1836: 30 fps

2112x1188: 60 fps

1920x1080: 60 fps

1408x792: 90 fps

SNR max


Dynamic range


Min. Illumination

≥0.1LUX at F.No2.2



MIPI CSI2 4 Lane

Power requirements

IOVDD: 1.7~1.9V

AVDD: 2.6 ~ 3.0 V

DVDD: 1.14 ~ 1.26V

Storage temperature

-40℃ to 105℃

operating temperature

-30℃ to 85℃

Power Consumption

Max 100mW

LED IR-850

NO, but could be customized




Lens size

M6 diameter;3.79mm TTL

Lens Construction







D:88° H:74° V:58° ±3°

Shooting distance

Auto Focus, 5cm-infinity

Features of 8MP MIPI CSI2 Camera Module

Features of 8MP MIPI CSI2 Camera Module

  • Unveiling the 8MP CMOS Image Sensor: A Journey into Clarity

    At the heart of this camera module resides a 1/4-inch, 8-megapixel CMOS image sensor, a benchmark of visual precision. With a native resolution of 3264x2448 pixels operating at a fluid 30 frames per second, this sensor transcends conventional boundaries. This technological achievement translates into crisp, high-quality imagery that doesn't just capture moments but elevates them.

  • A Symphony of Image Control: I2C Interface Mastery

    The camera module's prowess extends to its I2C interface, a conduit of image control. This interface orchestrates a symphony of possibilities, ranging from full-frame captures to sub-sampled and windowed 10-bit MIPI images. This level of control ensures seamless adaptability, catering to diverse application requirements without compromise.

  • Proprietary Sensor Technology: Pioneering Image Refinement

    Beyond pixel count, this camera module employs proprietary sensor technology to redefine image quality. By tackling common sources of image contamination such as fixed pattern noise and smearing, it delivers visuals that are pristine and untainted. This focus on image purity speaks volumes about the module's dedication to true visual fidelity.

  • Diverse Applications, Uncompromising Performance

    The breadth of applications for this camera module is as diverse as it is impressive. From smart phones to tablets, toys to IoT cameras, and even smartwatches, its adaptability empowers a multitude of industries. The module's mass production capacity of 200,000 units per month underscores its readiness to drive innovation on a grand scale.

  • The Power of Customization: Shaping Possibilities

    Flexibility takes center stage with this camera module's support for customization. The ability to modify FPC or PCB shapes, adjust lens sizes, and fine-tune field of view (FOV) brings forth a world of creative possibilities. This personalized touch cements the module's role as an enabler of innovation, adapting to the unique demands of each application.

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