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Automotive Infrared Camera

The 4K automotive infrared LED camera is a specialized camera designed for use in vehicles that captures high-resolution images and videos using infrared (IR) illumination provided by built-in infrared LED lights. These cameras combine the benefits of high-resolution imaging with the ability to capture clear images even in low-light or nighttime conditions using infrared illumination.

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Performance Parameter of Automotive Infrared Camera




Image Sensor


Image Sensor Size


Effective Pixels


Pixel size

1.45μm x 1.45μm

Optical distortion


Image sensor Data output


Maximum Frame Rates and Resolution

Full resolution of 3840*2160 @30fps

SNR max


Dynamic range


Min. Illumination

≥0.001LUX at F.No2.0




Power requirements

12V or 5V

Storage temperature

-40℃ to 105℃

operating temperature

-30℃ to 85℃

Power Consumption

Max 500mW

LED IR-850/940

10 IR LEDs


All Automotive systems

Lens size

M12 diameter;21mm TTL

Lens Construction







D:87° H:73° V:57° ±3°

Shooting distance

Fixed Focus, 50cm-infinity

Details of Automotive Infrared Camera

Details of Automotive Infrared Camera


  • 4K Resolution: The automotive infrared camera offers a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, providing detailed and high-quality imagery in both visible light and infrared modes.

  • Infrared Illumination: The camera is equipped with built-in infrared LED lights that emit infrared light. These LEDs are not visible to the human eye but can be detected by the camera's sensor.

  • Day/Night Capability: The camera seamlessly transitions between capturing images in visible light during the day and using infrared illumination at night or in low-light conditions.

  • Infrared Cut Filter: Some cameras may have an infrared cut filter that helps block visible light during infrared mode, enhancing the camera's sensitivity to infrared wavelengths.

  • Real-time Monitoring: The automotive infrared camera provides real-time imaging and monitoring capabilities, making it suitable for applications requiring immediate feedback.

  • Integration with Visible Light: Many infrared LED cameras can overlay infrared images on top of visible light images, providing a comprehensive view of the scene.

  • Durability: CK Vision's Automotive infrared LED cameras are designed to withstand the challenges of a vehicle's environment, including vibrations, temperature fluctuations, and potential exposure to elements.

Applications of Automotive Infrared Camera

  • Night Vision and Low-Light Driving: Infrared LED cameras provide enhanced visibility during nighttime driving, allowing drivers to see clearly in conditions where standard headlights might be insufficient.

  • Pedestrian and Animal Detection: The infrared illumination helps detect pedestrians, cyclists, and animals on the road, contributing to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

  • Obstacle Detection: Infrared LED cameras can identify obstacles, debris, or other vehicles in low-visibility scenarios, improving safety.

  • Collision Avoidance: The camera's infrared capabilities aid in detecting potential collisions or hazards in real time, enabling the driver to take appropriate action.

  • Parking Assistance: Infrared LED cameras assist in parking maneuvers by providing clear visibility of obstacles and assisting the driver in avoiding collisions.

  • Security and Surveillance: The 4k IR LED cameras can be used for vehicle security, monitoring, and surveillance, especially in poorly lit or dark environments.

  • Law Enforcement and Emergency Vehicles: Infrared LED cameras can be utilized by law enforcement or emergency vehicles for enhanced visibility during night patrols or emergency responses.

  • Commercial and Industrial Vehicles: Infrared LED cameras are valuable for commercial and industrial vehicles that operate during nighttime hours, such as delivery trucks or construction equipment.

  • Rear View and Backup Cameras: Infrared LED cameras are used as rear-view or backup cameras to provide clear visibility when reversing, even in the dark. We also offer full screen rear-view mirror camera for cars.

  • Off-Road and Adventure Riding: Infrared LED cameras can be used for off-road adventures, providing visibility in challenging terrains and low-light conditions.

Mass production capacity: 80k/month

Customization: support, any kind of FPC or PCB shape, change the Lens size, customizable FOV, housing, and so on.

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