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Outdoor IP Camera

In the realm of outdoor surveillance, the 2-in-1 PTZ Dome and Bullet IP Camera stands as a pinnacle of innovation, merging the capabilities of both PTZ dome and bullet cameras. With a suite of cutting-edge features including AI humanoid detection, 4G cabling-free connectivity, full-color night vision, and IP66 waterproofing, this camera revolutionizes outdoor security.

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Features of Outdoor IP Camera

  • PTZ Dome and Bullet 2-in-1:

    This camera redefines versatility by combining the prowess of a PTZ dome and bullet camera. Experience the best of both worlds—capture expansive panoramic views with PTZ functionality, while the bullet component ensures focused, targeted monitoring for specific areas. This hybrid design eliminates blind spots, delivering comprehensive coverage.

  • AI Humanoid Detection:

    Elevate surveillance precision with AI-powered humanoid detection. The camera intelligently distinguishes between human movement and other activities, curbing false alerts and providing accurate notifications for real threats. Stay one step ahead by focusing on what truly matters.

    Outdoor IP Camera

  • 4G Cabling-Free Connectivity:

    Say goodbye to complex cabling setups with the convenience of 4G cabling-free connectivity. This feature empowers seamless, wireless communication, offering freedom in installation and placement. Monitor remote locations or sprawling properties without the limitations of physical connections.

  • Full-Color Night Vision:

    The shroud of darkness is lifted with full-color night vision, an innovation that captures vivid, true-to-life images after sunset. No longer limited to monochrome, this camera reveals the world in vibrant color even during nighttime, ensuring unrivaled visibility.

  • IP66 Waterproofing:

    Endure the harshest outdoor conditions with confidence, as the camera is fortified with IP66 waterproofing. Rain or shine, this camera remains steadfast, delivering consistent performance against the elements. Your outdoor surveillance remains steadfast regardless of the weather.

Outdoor IP Camera

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