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PTZ Dome Camera

The PTZ Dome Camera stands not only as a surveillance tool but as a testament to the potential of cutting-edge technology. From interactive Push Button Calling to remote viewing and the comprehensive control of Two-Way Pan & Tilt, this camera redefines the way we perceive security. With the assurance of Sound and Light Dual Alarms, the convenience of WiFi Networking, and the empowerment of Privacy Protection, it encompasses the essence of modern security. As you embrace this camera, you're embracing a new era of surveillance—one characterized by innovation, connectivity, and unwavering protection.

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Features of PTZ Dome Camera

PTZ Dome Camera

  • Push Button Calling:

    The PTZ Dome Camera introduces a novel approach to interaction, featuring Push Button Calling. This innovative feature allows users to initiate instant communication with individuals within the camera's field of view. Whether you're welcoming a guest or guiding a delivery, this function offers seamless real-time communication.

  • Remote Viewing:

    The power of remote access is at your fingertips with Remote Viewing. From anywhere in the world, you can effortlessly connect to the camera's live feed via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This feature ensures you remain in control and informed, even when you're miles away from your property.

  • Two-Way Pan & Tilt:

    Elevating surveillance precision, the PTZ Dome Camera introduces Two-Way Pan & Tilt capabilities. Experience the freedom to remotely adjust the camera's orientation, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your surroundings. With the ability to pan and tilt in both directions, you have complete control over your field of view.

  • Sound and Light Dual Alarms:

    Enhancing your security arsenal, the camera features Sound and Light Dual Alarms. In the face of potential threats, this combination of audible and visual alerts serves as a potent deterrent. The camera's ability to trigger both sound and light alarms underscores its commitment to safeguarding your property.

  • WiFi Networking:

    The PTZ Dome Camera seamlessly integrates into your network through WiFi Networking. This wireless connection streamlines setup and management, offering convenience and flexibility. Your camera becomes an integral part of your home or business ecosystem, harmonizing seamlessly with your digital landscape.

  • Privacy Protection:

    Your security, your terms. The camera's Privacy Protection feature ensures that your personal space remains truly private. With the ability to manually control when the camera is active, you dictate when and how it records. Your privacy remains paramount, placing you firmly in charge of your surveillance.

PTZ Dome Camera

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