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Camera Glossary

FOV: field of view, the field that a camera can see

HFOV: Horizontal field of viewcamera view angle of the horizontal direction

DFOV: Diagonal field of viewcamera view angle of the diagonal direction

VFOV: Vertical field of viewcamera view angle of the vertical direction

FF: Fixed focus, the focus point of the lens is fixed

AF: Auto focus, adjust the focal length as the distance between the observed object and the camera changes

TOF camera: time of fly, a camera that could know the distance between a sensor and an object even calculate and produce results of the size of an object using the method of time of fly.

EFL: Effective Focal Length, definition: refers to the distance from the center of the lens to the focal point

MIPI CSI camera: CSI (Camera Serial Interface) is a specification defined by MIPI, used to connect cameras and CPUs, and transmit video signals from cameras

SPI camera: Serial Peripheral Interface camera which using the synchronous serial communication interface to communicate with CPU

DVP camera: digital video port camera which using parallel port to transfer the video data

AI camera: Artificial intelligence camera, have strong computing power, running most of the vision algorithms